FlexiPass FAQs

FlexiPass FAQs

What's included in my pass?

Your FlexiPass® includes bus transport on our national network, including selected dedicated sightseeing tours throughout the country, the Interislander ferry between Wellington and Picton, and two bonus all-inclusive tours. Meals and optional activities are not included in your pass price, but can be added as an extra cost at time of booking.

Please note that FlexiPass® is only valid for travel on InterCity (IC), InterCity Link (IL) and Newmans (NM) bus services, GreatSights New Zealand (GS) coach services and selected Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands (GB) and awesomeNZ (AW) services.

Some routes, for example those on the Coromandel Peninsula, may only be booked in one direction - see the network map for locations.

How do I book travel using my FlexiPass?

When you purchase your pass you'll choose an access code (a word or phrase that functions a bit like a password). To book travel online, first log in with your pass number and access code. Then use the search function on your pass dashboard page to search and book travel. You'll see the number of hours that each trip will take on the search results page. Add travel to your cart and continue to the checkout, where you can select 'Pay using Rewards or a Pass' before confirming your travel.

Read how to book day tours on your FlexiPass.

You can also book FlexiPass travel and tours over the phone by calling us free on 0800 222 146 or by visiting any InterCity agent around the country. You'll need to tell us your pass number and access code each time you book travel.

Currently the InterCity mobile app offers only limited support for pass customers. You may be able to view your bookings but we recommend managing your pass on our website for full functionality.

There is no physical component to your FlexiPass® - all you need to book and manage your travel is your pass number and access code. To board the bus all you need is your name and booking reference (we'll send you this via email each time you book travel).

How long is my FlexiPass valid for?

Your pass is valid for 12 months from the date of activation, giving you plenty of time to stop where you want for longer. Activation occurs when you start booking travel using your pass.

Do top-ups extend the life of my pass?

No, top-up hours are valid only within the existing life of the pass, i.e. 12 months from the initial activation.

What if I don't use all my hours - can i get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot refund a portion of your FlexiPass® once it's been activated (i.e. once you have booked your first journey). You can, however, gift or sell it onto somebody else. Feel free to use our InterCity Facebook page to advertise your pass. Once it's sold, simply contact us on info@intercity.co.nz to authorise the transfer to the new owner.

How do I book tours on my FlexiPass?

First, log in to manage your pass, then visit our FlexiPass tours page. Select your tour and you'll be taken to a booking page where you can choose the date for your tour. On the search results page, select the tour service and click to purchase any extras like entrance fees and meals. At the checkout we'll deduct the hours from your pass and you can pay for the extras.

Can I change my departure date?

Yes. You can make changes to your itinerary up to 2 hours prior to departure on all bus sectors by calling us or logging in to Manage Bookings. Please note that all reservations, cancellations and amendments for Interislander ferry travel and Fullers GreatSights cruises should be made no less than 26 hours prior to departure.

Can I get off anywhere?

Yes. As long as it's a stop within our network, you can hop on and off wherever you choose. (Sorry, we can't just drop you off in the middle of nowhere!)

Where can I find information on timetables and bus stops?

A complete list of timetables and bus stops locations throughout the country can be found here. Please note that FlexiPass® is only valid for travel on InterCity(IC), Newmans (NM) and InterCity Link (IL) bus services, GreatSights New Zealand (GS) coach services and selected Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands (GB) and awesomeNZ (AW) services. Third party operators are not included but can be booked separately. 

As shown on the FlexiPass network map, the route between Wanaka and Tarras is run by a third party operator so if you are booking travel between Wanaka and Mount Cook, Wanaka and Tekapo or Wanaka and Christchurch this will not be included in your pass. Similarly, services between some stops on the Coromandel peninsula can only be booked in one direction (shown by the arrows on the network map).

I'm travelling with a friend. Can we use the same pass?

No, each traveller must have their own pass. For example you cannot buy a single 30-hour pass for use by two people; you'll need to buy two 15-hour passes. It is possible to buy two or more passes in one booking transaction by calling our National Contact Centre. However, if you do this you and your friend(s) must travel together on the same dates and same services. If you intend to travel on different dates or services, you must purchase the passes in separate booking transactions. If you purchase two or more passes in the same booking but later decide to travel separately, please contact us directly to split your pass. A $50 administration fee applies for splitting passes.

Who travels with InterCity?

Well, just about anyone and everyone! Our network is the way Kiwis travel around, so you'll meet locals as well as other travellers just like you.

Does my pass include accommodation?

No, your FlexiPass® gives you complete freedom to choose where and when you want to stay. Visit our accommodation page to find out more and book accommodation.

Any other questions?

Check our FlexiPass® terms and conditions for more information, or contact us if there's anything else you need to know.