Oversized Luggage Items


  • Oversized luggage is classified as any item that is heavier than 25kg or exceeding total dimensions of 158cm (refer to our Checked Luggage terms).
  • Oversized luggage is carried subject to space availability on each sector travelled, with a limit of one oversized luggage item per person. Please note we cannot guarantee carriage on any specific travel date or service.
  • Oversized luggage is charged at $10.00 per item, per individual bus connection. This is payable to the driver.
  • Please note that some buses on our network are unable to accommodate bikes and other large items. These include the Auckland 380 Airporter Service and InterCity services operated in double decker vehicles, including but not limited to: 6503, 6504, 6513, 6514, 6364 between Wellington and Napier), 6367 (between Napier and Wellington), 6356, 6357, 6363, 6366, 6371, 6374, 6101, 6108, 7001, 7002, 7325, 7326, 7336, 6211, 6222, 6224, 6228 and 6229. Please check the notes under 'Service info' when booking your fare.

Travelling with a Bicycle

  • Bicycles must be collapsed down (both wheels removed from the frame) with handlebars turned sideways and the chain covered. They should not exceed total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62inches). Bicycles presented in this fashion will be accepted for travel and counted as one of your two Checked Luggage entitlements.  If your bicycle is not collapsed down then it will not be carried.
  • If you're bringing a bike with you, please contact us in advance of travel so we can inform the driver. This may make it easier for him/her to leave space for your bike, although we cannot guarantee carriage on any specific travel date or service. Please see the oversize luggage information above regarding services which are unable to accommodate bikes.
  • In the interest of other traveller’s luggage and driver safety, all bicycles must have the pedals removed and the chain covered.
  • The charge for bicycles that are not collapsed down is $10.00 per bike, per individual bus connection. This is payable to the driver.

Travelling with a Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter

  • Please see our special assistance page for information on travelling with a wheelchair or mobility scooter. If the wheelchair or mobility scooter cannot be collapsed down to fit our Checked Luggage size and weight dimensions, then our Oversized Luggage policy applies.

InterCity carries checked luggage subject to these terms and the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, Part 5, Subpart 1.


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