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The best part about travelling with an InterCity FlexiPass is there is no set itinerary - go where you want, when you want, in your own time. It's the perfect backpacker bus pass for independent travellers.

Travel ideas from our FlexiPass customers

Here are Flexipass customer plans that show where you could go using your FlexiPass, but you can travel wherever you like on our network. We have multiple services each day in most areas of New Zealand, so the number of hours you might use will vary depending on your plan.

Travel ideas using our

15 hour FlexiPass

  • Georgia's North Island adventure
    Georgia's North Island adventure

    I started off with a day tour from Auckland to Rotorua via Waitomo Caves – the boat ride under the glow worms was unbelievable. Rotorua was heaps of fun and in Taupo I visited Huka Falls and went skydiving! The surf was calling, so I went to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui to catch some waves, then soaked up the relaxing vibe on the Coromandel. I took my time, but you could probably squeeze this trip into 3-4 days.

  • Cam's winter escape
    Cam's winter escape

    Christchurch is a great South Island base, with heaps of attractions all in walking distance. I travelled up to Kaikoura to see seals, whales and dolphins – and eat delicious fresh seafood! Then I headed down to Queenstown via Mount Cook, a day I'll never forget. Queenstown was everything I imagined it to be – I love snowboarding so I hung around for a few days on the slopes.

  • Jimmy's North Island Road Trip
    Jimmy's North Island Road Trip

    My FlexiPass got me all the way from Auckland to Wellington, with stops along the way! I knew I wanted to see the famous Waitomo Caves, and they didn't disappoint. Taupo was another highlight, and I loved the Art Deco buildings and sunny weather in Napier. I finished my trip in Wellington with some great nights out in town

Travel ideas using our

30 hour FlexiPass

  • Leo's coasts and cultures
    Leo's coasts and cultures

    After exploring Auckland for a few days I took off to the Bay of Islands. First I got out on the water with for a spectacular cruise, then did the Cape Reinga day tour. Our driver was a crack-up and the coastal views were stunning! The sights (and smells) in Rotorua were really cool, and I went to a Māori cultural show that gave me shivers up my spine. I finished up in Taupo, the perfect place to relax after a busy week on the road!

  • Jackson's South Island trip
    Jackson's South Island trip

    Using a FlexiPass to make my way down the South Island was brilliant! There's so much to see along the West Coast, I changed my plans so I could stay a bit longer. Milford Sound was so incredible, the photos just don't do it justice.

  • Sam's Kiwi wanderings
    Sam's Kiwi wanderings

    I flew in to Auckland and out of Christchurch, so this pass was perfect for seeing as much as possible in between. I was planning to go straight to Wellington from Taupo, but some awesome Kiwis I met on the bus convinced me to check out the vineyards around Napier. I'm glad I did!

Travel ideas using our

60 hour FlexiPass

  • Annie's wild west adventure
    Annie's wild west adventure

    I started off with a bang, doing the Mount Cook day tour and Milford Sound day tours one after the other. The scenery blew my mind! Then I went all the way up the West Coast and jumped on the Interislander ferry (included in my pass and zig-zagged up the North Island to Auckland.

  • Diego's coastal escape
    Diego's coastal escape

    I've been to New Zealand before, so I wanted to get off the beaten track. After checking out the Bay of Islands I went down the east coast to see Gisborne, then crossed to the South Island and made my way along the little towns on the West Coast. A quick top-up meant I had enough hours left to get to Milford Sound – it was worth it!

  • Hannah's hobbit journey
    Hannah's hobbit journey

    Visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set was #1 on my bucket list! The rest of NZ was just as incredible though – I based myself in Taupo to explore the national parks, then explored my way around the South Island. Mt Cook was a highlight, but I think my favourite place was Wanaka!

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