InterCity Account

Travel NZ all over even easier with an InterCity Account! Membership guarantees a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience from start to finish, with a secure and centralised location to store all your booking details and see all your upcoming travel - plus be the first to hear about our special discounts and membership offers.


Perks of being an InterCity Account holder

Early access to our special deals

You're our VIP! As an InterCity account holder, you'll be the first to hear when we have a sale and get first access to our discounted fares and offers.

Store your booking details for speedy checkout

Your InterCity account will store your booking details, saving you from having to punch in your name and email address over and over!

Centralised and secure location to review upcoming travel

Rather than having to keep track of each individual booking reference, when you're logged into your InterCity Account you'll see all your upcoming travel bookings in one place.

You've got BusMail!

As an InterCity account holder, we'll keep you updated with our latest offers and promotions via email.


Any other questions?

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