Get more from your FlexiPass with these great day tours

As well as bus travel around New Zealand, you can use your FlexiPass to book selected sightseeing day tours. Your FlexiPass covers the travel component, and you just pay for the optional extras (like entrance fees, lunches, etc) during the booking process. Keep your eye on this page as more day tours become available to redeem with FlexiPass.

Tours you can book on your FlexiPass

First, log in to manage your pass. When you click the booking links below, you'll be taken to a booking page where you can choose the date for your tour. On the search results page, select the tour service and click to purchase any extras like entrance fees and meals. At the checkout, we'll deduct the hours from your pass and can pay for the extras.

Got more questions? Read our full FlexiPass FAQs or check the FlexiPass terms and conditions.

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InterCity FlexiPass allows you to travel New Zealand however you like. Whether you want to enjoy a day tour and see the country's top attractions, or if you have a multi-day journey in mind, you'll meet travellers of all kinds as you travel with us- so you might even get some ideas along the way! With FlexiPass, the choice is yours.
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