Latest update 12.30pm, Monday 7 March


New Zealand has now moved from the Alert Level system to the COVID-19 Protection Framework or 'traffic lights'. Please view our new COVID Travel Info page for information about travel on our services from 3 December onward.



The below services are currently operating as shown. Please note some have different operating days than their usual schedule.

Service Route Operating Days
IC6101 Kerikeri - Auckland (Express Service: No Rest Stops) Daily
IC6108 Auckland - Kerikeri Daily
IC7324 Auckland - Kerikeri Daily
IC7325 Kerikeri - Auckland Sunday to Friday
IC7326 Auckland - Kerikeri Sunday to Friday
IC7329 Kerikeri - Auckland Daily
IC7330 Kerikeri - Kaitaia Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
IC7331 Kaitaia - Kerikeri Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
IC6210 Rotorua - Auckland Daily
IC6219 Auckland - Rotorua Daily
IC6228 Rotorua - Hamilton Fri & Sun
IC6229 Hamilton - Rotorua Fri & Sun
IC6211 Auckland - Gisborne Daily
IC6222 Gisborne - Auckland Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
IC6224 Gisborne - Auckland Friday only
IL6202 Hamilton - Auckland Sun to Fri
IL6223 Auckland - Hamilton Mon to Fri
IL6239 Auckland - St Peters College Sun 
IC6253 Auckland - Hamilton (via Auckland Airport) Mon to Fri
IC6254 Hamilton - Auckland (via Auckland Airport) Mon to Fri
IC6372 Hamilton - Tauranga Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6373 Tauranga - Hamilton Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6404 New Plymouth - Hamilton Monday & Thursday
IC6417 Hamilton - New Plymouth Monday & Thursday
IC6415 Hamilton - New Plymouth Friday and Sunday
IC6416 New Plymouth - Hamilton Friday and Sunday
IC6356 Bayfair - Auckland Mon to Sat
IC6357 Auckland - Tauranga Mon to Sat
IC6363 Auckland - Bayfair Daily
IC6366 Bayfair - Auckland Sun to Fri
IC6371 Auckland - Tauranga Sun to Fri
IC6374 Mount Maunganui - Auckland Daily
IC6407 Auckland - Palmerston North Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6412 Palmerston North - Auckland Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6501 Auckland - Wellington Daily
IC6502 Wellington - Auckland Daily
IC6503 Auckland - Wellington *Overnight* Daily
IC6504 Wellington - Auckland *Overnight* Daily
IC6602 Hastings - Auckland Daily
IC6609 Auckland - Hastings Daily
IC6606 Hastings - Tauranga Daily
IC7701 Tauranga - Wellington Daily
IC7103 Tauranga - Hastings Daily
IC7710 Wellington - Tauranga Daily
IC6805 Whanganui - Wellington Daily
IC6808 Palmerston North - New Plymouth Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun
IC6809 New Plymouth - Palmerston North Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun
IC6818 Wellington - Whanganui Daily
IC6961 Napier - Wellington Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun
IC6962 Wellington - Napier Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun
IC6364 Wellington - Napier Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6367 Napier - Wellington Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6965 Gisborne - Napier Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC6966 Napier - Gisborne Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
IC8110 Dunedin - Christchurch Daily
IC8137 Christchurch - Dunedin Daily
IC8205 Christchurch - Invercargill Daily
IC8206 Invercargill - Christchurch Daily
IC8502 Queenstown - Dunedin Daily
IC8503 Dunedin - Queenstown Daily
IC8701 Nelson - Picton Mon, Wed ,Fri, Sun
IC8702 Picton - Nelson Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
IC8707 Christchurch - Picton Daily
IC8708 Picton - Christchurch Daily
IC8711 Christchurch - Picton Sun to Fri
IC8712 Picton - Christchurch Sun to Fri
IC8825 Nelson - Greymouth Mon, Wed, Fri
IC8826 Greymouth - Nelson Wed, Fri, Sun
GS9824 Queenstown - Franz Josef Tue, Thu, Sat
GS9827 Franz Josef - Queenstown Tue, Thu, Sat
GS9829 Greymouth - Fox Glacier Mon, Wed, Fri
GS9830 Fox Glacier - Greymouth Wed, Fri, Sun
IC9556 Queenstown - Christchurch Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
IC9557 Christchurch - Queenstown Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun



The below services remain cancelled until further notice.

Service Route Usual Operating Days
IC7103 Tauranga - Hastings Daily
IC8127 Christchurch - Dunedin Fri & Sun
IC8132 Dunedin - Christchurch Fri & Sun