Catch a daily InterCity® bus to Oamaru from numerous locations around the South Island.

All buses to Oamaru arrive outside of the public toilets located on Eden St.

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Approximate bus to Oamaru travel times:

Christchurch to Oamaru = 4 hours

Timaru to Oamaru = 1 hour

Dunedin to Oamaru = 1 hour  30 minutes

Queenstown to Oamaru = 6 hours 30 minutes

Invercargill to Oamaru = 5 hours 30 minutes



About Oamaru

Oamaru, the largest town in North Otago, is surrounded by natures stunning natural beauty. The popular natural attractions in Oamaru are the Public Garden which is the oldest garden in the country.

Oamaru Harbour is home to a colony of little blue penguins.

In the late 19th century, Oamaru prospered through gold mining, quarrying and timber milling. Today Oamaru contains many excellent examples Victorian architecture in town, made from the distinctive local limestone.

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