Catch an InterCity bus Wellington to Whanganui. Buses depart from the main bus stop in Wellington at the Wellington Railway Station, Platform 10 and arrive in Whanganui at 29 Taupō Quay, outside The Tram Shed.

The journey from Wellington to Whanganui takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes with regular stops along the way.

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About Whanganui

Whanganui sits within the Manawatu-Whanganui region on the west coast of the North Island. Most of the town lies on the north western bank of the Whanganui River. Its location between Wellington and Rotorua makes Whanganui an ideal place to stop for those travelling through the North Island.

Whanganui city and the wider region is full of culture, history and adventure. Check out the Sarjeant Art Gallery, known for its neo-classical architecture and fantastic array of exhibitions.

Virginia Park, located in the centre of Whanganui, is a great year-round attraction with extensively landscaped gardens, a winter garden area, a lake, a bird aviary and a playground for the kids! 

A visit to the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower will fascinate anyone interested in the history of the war, or anyone who loves getting active! Climbing to the top of this tower you're treated to the best views that Whanganui can offer. The sea, Mount Taranaki and the Whanganui city landscape are all enjoyed from atop the tower. 

The Whanganui River which weaves through the city from the Tasman Sea and deep into the Whanganui National Park provides many opportunities for water sports. On the Whanganui River you can try kayaking, jet boating, or canoeing.

The Whanganui National Park also provides exhilarating outdoor activities such as tramping, walking and biking tracks. The Bridge to Nowhere is a fascinating abandoned bridge which now stands as a memorial to the World War I servicemen who bravely worked in this area.

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Wanganui is an urban area and district situated on the west coast of the North Island and is a part of the Manawatu and Wanganui region, with most of the town lying on the north western bank of the Wanganui River.
Wanganui is famous for having one of the most temperate climates in the world, as its unique location means that it is sheltered from the worst weather conditions. Wanganui is ideally situated between Wellington and Rotorua so it is a common stop off for those travelling through the North Island.
The Wanganui city and wider region host a variety of things to do and see. Full of culture, history adventure as well as relaxing activities there is something for everyone. Explore the Wanganui River or National Park or take time out to soak up the vibrant arts scene in the city. Try jet boating or kayaking down the Wanganui river, or check out the Sarjeant Art Gallery is known for its neo-classical architecture and fantastic array of exhibitions.
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