InterCity operates daily bus services to Taupo with services arriving at the Taupo i-SITE located at 30 Tongariro Street and connect with locations across the North Island.

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Approximate bus to Taupo Travel Times:

Bus Auckland to Taupo: 5 hours

Bus Auckland International Airport to Taupo: 5 hours

Bus Hamilton to Taupo: 2 hours 30 minutes

Bus Rotorua to Taupo: 1 hour 15 miutes

Bus Napier to Taupo: 2 hours

Bus Wellington to Taupo: 6 hours


About Taupo

Taupo is named after the lake it is situated on the shores of - New Zealand's largest lake, Lake Taupo. Formed approximately 27,000 years ago by a volcanic explosion, Lake Taupo is a renowned fishing location with large quantities of rainbow trout and brown trout. There are also many other thrilling water activities on the lake such as kayaking, paddle boarding, wake-boarding, water-balling, scenic boat cruising, or simply running and jumping in for a refreshing swim! 

The waters of Lake Taupo feed the Huka Falls, a thundering 11-metre high waterfall of gushing crystal-blue water. Its sheer speed, intensity and crashing sound will take your breath away. Enjoy a walking track alongside the river and over the  powerful waterfall, there are also many biking tracks near Huka Falls.   

Known as the skydiving capital of the world, Taupo holds the highest number of tandem skydives of any location in the world! You may as well throw yourself out of an airplane while you’re visiting Taupo, because why not?

Experience the rich Maori culture that Taupo is proud to show and share. You can visit Maori Pa sites (early Maori settlements) and take a guided tour of the region listening to Maori myths and legends, many of which are culturally significant to the people living in Taupo today.  

Situated on geothermal hot-spots, Taupo is blessed with many hot springs - a fabulous way to relax and unwind, especially in the cooler winter months. Nestled amongst native bush, DeBretts Hot Springs is perfect for families. There are several other thermal hot pools to choose from suitable for couples, families and adults only.

Interestingly, Taupo has become a popular venue for international sporting events. Hosting annual events such as Ironman New Zealand, Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, and Oxfam Trailwalker. Thus, bringing sporty people from all over the world to the Taupo region, as supporters and competitors!

From Taupo you can experience the amazing Tongariro Crossing (a full-day mountain hike) or take to the slopes and try skiing or snowboarding. Mount Ruapehu, is home to three ski fields including Whakapapa (New Zealand’s largest ski area), Turoa and Tukino. If you’d like to just take in the sights at Mount Ruapehu, take a scenic chairlift ride and enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate in New Zealand’s highest café!

For those that aren't as adventurous, try the fine fresh cuisine at the diverse selection of restaurants, cafes and food markets.

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