InterCity® operates daily buses from Auckland Domestic Airport to Hamilton. You can travel on the 380 'Airporter' service from the airport to Manukau and transfer to our other buses to Hamilton.

Buses from Auckland Airport to Hamilton depart from bus stop 2206 (Stop C), outside the Domestic Terminal, Auckland, and arrive at platforms A – D, Hamilton Transport Centre, corner of Bryce and Anglesea Street, Hamilton.

Search for a bus Auckland Domestic Airport to Hamilton with New Zealand’s most popular national bus network.


Airport Connections

AT 380 Airporter Bus

To book your trip to the airport by bus, simply select Auckland International Airport when searching. Your booking will include travel to Manukau City where you will transfer onto the bright orange "380 Airporter" bus at the Manukau Bus Interchange, Platform 8. The transfer cost is included in your ticket price.

The 380 Airporter buses depart every 15 to 20 minutes to Manukau City.

About Hamilton

Hamilton, commonly known as 'The Tron', is the country’s fourth most populous city and third fastest growing urban area. Hamilton is located on the banks of the Waikato River. The landscape of Hamilton was formed by the last eruption of Lake Taupo 1800 years ago.

Hamilton Central is today an active retail zone, largely influenced by the city's large student population.

Some of the notable attractions found in the city are located on the old Town Belt, also known as the Green Belt - a series of public parks that surrounded the original 1877 city boundaries. Key landmarks are located within the Green Belt such as Waikato Stadium, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Lake Domain and Seddon Park.

For additional information on Hamilton, visit the city’s official visitor information website: