POLi Internet Banking

POLi is an online payment option you can use to safely pay for your travel directly from your bank account.

Internet banking is a great payment option for those without a credit card. When you pay with POLi the transaction is completed within the security of your bank's online banking service and at no time are your personal banking details disclosed to InterCity or POLi.

It's quick and easy

During the booking process, simply select to “pay by internet banking” on drop down menu within the Payment Details section. Then choose your bank from the list of banks available and follow the prompts provided by POLi to log in, select your preferred account and confirm payment details. Your payment is then instantly debited from your account and your booking will be confirmed. Easy!

What our customers say 

"Downloading and installing the software was easy. Payment went through without trouble."
"This was a easy and quick way to book and pay as I don't have a credit card and live away from a main city, I stress a lot about how to pay for things. Well done InterCity!!!"
"A lot more useful for me. Rather than using a credit card, I can use my own money from my account."

You can pay with POLi for bookings at any time if your online banking is with ANZ, ASB, BankDirect, BNZ, Kiwibank or TSB Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about POLi

What is POLi?

POLi is an online payment option that lets you safely pay for your bus tickets directly from your bank account using internet banking. POLi has been operating in New Zealand since 2007 and is used by many government agencies as well as businesses including The Warehouse, Interislander and Harvey World Travel.

How does POLi work?

At the checkout, simply select 'Internet banking (Pay with POLi)' on the payment dropdown menu, Click the 'Buy now' button, and follow the prompts you see in the new POLi window.

Your internet banking login page will appear, and after logging in you will see your bank's 'pay anyone' page with the payment details pre-defined for you. Select your preferred bank account (if you have more than one) and confirm the payment. Your account is instantly debited and your booking confirmed!

Does it cost to pay with internet banking (POLi)?

There is no cost imposed by POLi on customers for the use of the POLi service. Your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers. InterCity booking fees apply.

Do I have to register to use POLi?

No. There is no registration process, and because you log in with your usual internet banking details, there are no additional passwords to remember.

Why should I pay with internet banking (POLi)?

Internet bank payment is a great option if you do not have a credit card or would prefer not to add to your credit card balance.

POLi is easy to use because it guides you through the payment process. The amount, reference information and banking details are all pre-populated for you. When the payment is confirmed the merchant and customer both receive a completed payment notification, so you can receive your goods or services quicker.

When you pay with internet banking (POLi) the transaction is completed within the security of your bank’s online banking service and at no time are your personal banking details disclosed to InterCity or POLi.

Is internet banking (POLi) secure?

The POLi web browser (which is used to navigate to your internet banking facility), utilises some of the most advanced internet security features available. During the course of your payment, InterCity and POLi never have access to your internet banking identifier or password - these are entered by you directly into your internet banking login page. The rest of the process takes place using the standard security of your internet banking facility.

Who can pay with internet banking (POLi)?

Anyone registered with a supported online banking facility (see above) who is making their booking on a computer with the POLi system requirements.

What are the system requirements for internet banking (POLi)?

Your device's operating system and browser need to be reasonably up to date to use POLi (and its in-built security features). Check what you may need to install here before paying with internet banking.

Which banks are supported by internet banking (POLi)?

You can use internet banking (POLi) if you bank with ANZ, ASB, BankDirect, BNZ, Kiwibank, Westpac, National Bank or TSB Bank.