InterCity Account Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

  1. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of InterCity Account. They are intended to protect both Members and InterCity. It is the Member's responsibility to read and understand them.

  2. These Terms and Conditions are effective as at the date specified above and may be amended by InterCity from time to time. The current Terms and Conditions are those available at this website. Members will be provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions at the time of joining InterCity Account and material changes will be notified to Members in accordance with clause 3.1.

  3. Every Member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Definitions

  1. In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:
    • 'Benefits' means any of the facilities, discounts, services or arrangements offered or available to a Member as a result of membership to InterCity Account;
    • “BusMail” means InterCity’s promotional and advertising program that sends emails and SMS messages to any person who subscribes to the program;
    • 'InterCity' means InterCity or a similar brand, as notified;
    • ‘InterCity’ means Entrada Travel Group;
    • '' means the InterCity website which is located at;
    • 'Member' means a person who is a member of InterCity Account;
    • 'Membership' means membership of InterCity Account;
    • ‘InterCity Account’ means the membership program operated by InterCity;
    • ‘Entrada Travel Group’ means Entrada Travel Group (NZBN: 9429033023595);
    • 'Terms and Conditions' means these Terms and Conditions between InterCity and each Member, including all schedules and attachments.

3. Changes to InterCity Account 

  1. InterCity reserves the right to make any changes (whether material or otherwise) to InterCity Account, the Terms and conditions and the benefits offered. InterCity will use best efforts to advise Members of material changes to these Terms and Conditions and, where such changes will limit Benefits, at least 30 days' notice where practicable.

  2. InterCity does not warrant or represent that it will make any promotion, discount, sale or offer available to a Member or that the Member will be able to purchase or make use of any promotional fare or other products.

4. Termination or Suspension of InterCity Account

  1. InterCity gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of InterCity Account. InterCity may terminate or suspend InterCity Account at any time, without notice.
  2. If a Member has committed a material breach of any of the Terms and Conditions, then InterCity may suspend or terminate the Member's Membership and/or the right of the Member to use InterCity Account.

  3. If InterCity intends to take action, it will notify the Member of its intention and the reason for that action. The Member will then have 21 days to respond to this notice by rectifying the breach (where possible) and providing any reason why InterCity should not take action (provided that InterCity may suspend the Member's account until any review is completed). InterCity will review the response and advise the Member of its position.

5. Membership

  1. Membership of InterCity Account is open only to individuals.

  2. Persons wishing to become Members must register at Membership is offered at the discretion of InterCity. InterCity has the right to accept or reject any application for Membership.

  3. Each Member may have only one InterCity Account account;

  4. Successful applicants must provide an email address and password. The email address and password will be used for security of the Member's Membership information. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that their password is kept secure.
    Note: to ensure your password is kept secure, never write it down and avoid choosing obvious passwords like your name or email address.

  5. Each Member must update their name, address, or other details as soon as practicable after a change has occurred, by logging into their InterCity Account account at

  6. Members may, at any time, cancel their Membership by contacting us at from the email address associated with their Membership. Cancelling Membership will not automatically unsubscribe a Member from an InterCity BusMail subscription. Both an InterCity Account member and a non-member can unsubscribe from InterCity BusMail via the unsubscribe link found in each InterCity BusMail message.

6. User of InterCity Account

  1. By using InterCity Account, the Member agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and provides the consents specified in clause 10 relating to personal information.

  2. In the event of unauthorised use of your Membership details or password, it is your responsibility to advise InterCity as soon as possible. The Member is liable for all use of the Membership until InterCity is notified of the loss, theft, or unauthorised use.


7. Member obligations and responsibilities 

Members must not:

  1. act in any way which breaches these Terms and Conditions; or
  2. abuse or misuse InterCity Account, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to the Member as a result of Membership including by:
  3. engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities;
  4. supplying or attempting to supply false or misleading information, or making a misrepresentation to InterCity;
  5. acting in a hostile, abusive or aggressive way towards InterCity staff;
  6. acting in an unruly manner on board a bus; or
  7. refusing to follow reasonable instructions from any InterCity staff.
  8. Each Member is responsible for ensuring their Membership details are correct when making bookings through their InterCity Account account and must change any details where necessary.

8. Account information 

  1. Members may access and update account information without charge at InterCity Account on this website.

9. Personal information 

  1. It is a condition of Membership that a Member consents and authorises InterCity to collect, use and disclose the information obtained from the Member during the booking process at the time the Member elected to join InterCity Account, along with any updates and additional information provided by the Member or any activity undertaking whilst logged in as a InterCity Account Member in relation to the Member for the purposes described in this clause, and disclose such information to InterCity, the Entrada Travel Group and other organisations for the purposes of:

  2. providing products or services;

    • improving customer service, including by means of research, marketing, product development and planning;

    • InterCity marketing its products or services or the products or services of third parties through email including personalised emails, SMS, personalised web-based marketing and hard copy mailouts; and

    • any third-party providing services to InterCity, the Entrada Travel Group or Members in connection with the administration of InterCity Account. This information may be transferred to or from New Zealand for these purposes.

    • If all or any part of the requested information is not provided by the Member, the Benefits provided to that Member by InterCity may be affected.

    • On request by a Member and to the extent permitted or required by law, InterCity will provide that Member with access to and the ability to correct their personal information held by InterCity. Only the Member named on the account will be entitled to access their Membership information. However, InterCity does comply with validly served and executed court orders, Police requests and cooperates with international agencies. Under those circumstances or where otherwise required by law, a Member's account information may be shared with others with or without that Member's knowledge or consent.


10. General 

Interpretation: In these Terms and Conditions, unless the contrary intention appears:

  1. the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
  2. dates or times are Auckland, New Zealand dates or times;
  3. a reference to 'include' or 'including' means 'including but not limited to'.
  4. Governing Law: The Terms and Conditions and membership in InterCity Account are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand, irrespective of where the application for Membership has been completed by the Member or submitted to InterCity. The New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 may apply however it will not apply where Membership has been obtained, or a Member has represented it has been obtained, for business purposes, in which case provisions of that Act are excluded from these Terms and Conditions.
  5. If part or all of any clause of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable then it will be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid or unenforceable, but if that is not possible, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have full force and effect.