InterCity Rewards

We have been proud to offer InterCity Rewards to our frequent travellers for many years, also previously known as Club Freeway. However, our rewards programme will be coming to an end in August 2023.

Until 30th August 2023, you can still create an InterCity Rewards account and earn InterCity Rewards dollars with travel booked and completed, however, from 31st August 2023, any travel booked and completed will not earn any Rewards dollars. We’re committed to making sure all our Rewards customers will be able to redeem every reward dollar previously earned, even after the programme ends, therefore InterCity Rewards dollars will still be redeemable until the end of 30th September 2024.

At this stage there will not be a replacement for InterCity Rewards, however, we will continue to explore the best ways to thank our valued customers for their patronage in the future.

InterCity Rewards FAQs

Why are you cancelling the InterCity Rewards programme?

In late 2024 we will be migrating InterCity to a new reservation system. Our Rewards programme is embedded in the current reservation system and we cannot continue running it after we migrate to the new system.

Can I get a refund for my remaining Rewards dollars if I cannot use them before the expiry date?

No, all remaining Rewards dollars will expire after the 30th of September 2024 when we take our existing reservations system offline. We highly recommend taking advantage of the extended redemption period and completing any trips with InterCity before the end of September 2024.

What is going to happen to my COVID-19 credit that was converted to my Rewards account?

As with all other Rewards dollars, they must be used before the 30th of September 2024.

When will the accumulation of Rewards dollars stop?

You will still be able to accumulate Rewards dollars on travel both booked and completed before the 30th of August 2023.

Is there going to be a replacement programme for InterCity Rewards?

No, we are not currently planning to introduce a new InterCity loyalty programme, but after the conclusion of InterCity Rewards, we will be transitioning existing membership accounts into standard InterCity accounts which will still be a secure and centralised location to view your upcoming bookings and add your contact details for a faster check out process. Another benefit of the InterCity account is you will remain part of our InterCity contact list and be the first to hear when we release special deals.

If I cannot use my remaining Rewards dollars before the final expiry date, can I transfer them to someone else?

No. Unfortunately, your Rewards dollars balance cannot be transferred to a different account.

I have made a booking using some or all of my Rewards dollars, but I need to cancel, will I lose those Rewards dollars?

If you cancel your booking in line with our standard cancellation policy, you will receive a full refund of any Rewards dollars used back into your InterCity account, which can then be redeemed again for travel before 30th September 2024.

Can I still log in online with my current InterCity Rewards account details?

Yes, we will still offer both account and guest options on the website for passengers to view and modify upcoming bookings. From the 31st of August 2023, existing Rewards accounts will be converted to a standard InterCity account.

How can I see my remaining InterCity Rewards dollars?

As an existing InterCity Rewards member, your Rewards balance will be displayed in your InterCity account when you log in. Once your Rewards dollars balance reaches zero the balance will no longer be displayed.

How can I redeem my remaining InterCity Rewards dollars?

You can redeem your remaining Rewards dollars as either a full or partial payment on any InterCity service before 30th September 2024. Simply log in to your InterCity account and book online, visit any of our agents nationwide or get in touch. Please note that Rewards dollars cannot be used to purchase InterCity pass products.

Can I make amendments or cancellations online to bookings I made for travel after the reservation system change date (30th September 2024)?

Yes, you can continue to amend your bookings online, and any change fees or fare differences will be payable by credit card.

What happens to unused Rewards dollars after the expiry date?

All unused Rewards dollars will be eliminated on the 30th of September 2024.

Can I book travel after the 30th of September 2024 using my Rewards dollars?

No, after the 30th of September 2024, our reservations system will be migrated, and the new platform will not accept any partial or full payment of travel using Rewards dollars.

Can I share or sell my rewards?

No – Rewards dollars are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or travel vouchers/passes.

I have missing Rewards dollars; can I get these added to my account?

If you find you haven’t received Rewards dollars for a journey booked and completed before 31st August 2023, it may be because your number wasn’t entered at the time of booking. You can claim missing Rewards dollars by emailing or calling our contact centre.

Rewards dollars can only be claimed for bookings made within the last 6 months. You can claim Rewards dollars for travel up to one month prior to the date you joined InterCity Rewards. We recommend keeping your booking confirmation emails or reservation numbers until your Rewards dollars appear on your online statement. To qualify for Rewards dollars, you must have booked and paid for your travel online, through the InterCity contact centre or at authorised InterCity retail agents. Tickets purchased with the driver do not earn Rewards dollars.

Can I still use the InterCity app to make bookings after InterCity Rewards ends?

Yes, the InterCity app will still be active, and you will still be able to make bookings after the InterCity Rewards programme ends, however, please be aware we will not be continuing to provide updates or support to the app in the future.

Can I still join InterCity Rewards?

Yes, between now and 31st August 2023 you can still sign up for an InterCity Rewards account and earn Rewards dollars before the programme is discontinued.

How can I remove my details from the online system if my InterCity Rewards account is being cancelled?

Your InterCity Rewards account is not being cancelled as it will be converted to a standard InterCity account, however, you may contact us at any time to ask for your account and details to be removed from our platforms. We will assess your request in line with our Privacy Policy.

Any other questions?

Contact us at or get in touch.