InterCity Launches NZ's 1st Triple-Decker Bus


With rising passenger numbers and greater demand for entertainment and sleeping options, New Zealand’s most comprehensive bus network, InterCity Coachlines, is pleased to announce a fleet of triple-decker buses equipped with all the modern amenities of home. 

We have invested $50 million into the venture and InterCity CEO Malcolm Johns, says it will be worth every cent. “The economies of scale are significant when adding an additional level to our standard vehicles and the extra floor space enables us to introduce sleeping options as well as a lounge/bar area.” 

Amendments to vehicle height restrictions were some of the less publicised law changes recently introduced, along with changes to the Give-Way rules, and this has paved the way for us to launch the new InterCity triple-decker fleet.

Reaching a height of seven metres, or the equivalent of five stacked cars and being almost 17 metres long, the first of our new Triple-Decker buses is due into service by August this year and will operate on our Auckland to Wellington routes.

As the number of triple-deckers in the fleet builds over the coming years you can expect to see them in cities such as Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin.

We've been very busy over the two years consulting with engineers from the Transport Agency of New Zealand to map and classify low height obstacles around the highway network. This identified several tree branches that will require trimming before the first vehicle takes to the roads. 

The new triple-decker buses will have a maximum capacity of 120 passengers. Overnight versions will offer sleeping facilities and all triple-deckers will feature a lounge and bar area equipped with PlayStation and three 50” LCD screens.  

As always, fares will start from $1 and customers will be able to upgrade to the sleeping and lounge facilities for an extra $40.